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Scrap Metal Recycling

McNeilus Steel Recycling
Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling

To service your diverse scrap recycling needs we offer a wide range of scrap tubs, scheduled pickup, and daily service. We have strategically invested in our scrap recycling facilities and equipment to reduce our operating costs.

Our scrap processing capabilities include the Sierra T750 SL, the most productive shear / baler in the world and, once the material is processed, our rail access provides us a direct, efficient line to the steel mills. This allows us to provide you with the most competitive pricing in our region. For recycling please call 507.374.2439.

Materials & Pricing

Whether you are a one man scrapper or a large industrial customer, McNeilus Steel Recycling understands what is important to you, service and price.

Ferrous Materials

Prepared$150.00 / Ton
Unprepared$125.00 / Ton
Unprepared - farm equipment$150.00 / Ton
Tin$100.00 / Ton
Complete Autos$105.00 / Ton
NOT Complete Autos$75.00 / Ton
Vehicles - engines$140.00 / Ton
Auto Cast - Cast 1$205.00 / Ton

Nonferrous Materials

Copper - #1$3.60/ lb
Copper - #2$3.50/ lb
Brass - yellow$2.30 / lb
Brass - red$2.60 / lb
Brass - dirty$1.10/ lb
Stainless Steel$0.35 / lb
Radiators - copper / brass$1.85 / lb
Radiators - aluminum / copper$1.65 / lb
Radiators - aluminum$0.40 / lb
Radiators - dirty copper$1.05 / lb
Aluminum - cans (10 lb min)$0.45 / lb
Aluminum - extrusions$0.50 / lb
Aluminum - cast$0.45/ lb
Aluminum - auto/pickup rims$0.60 / lb
Aluminum - auto trans. (large)$9.00 / ea
Aluminum - auto trans. (small)$5.00 / ea
Aluminum - dirty$0.14 / lb
Aluminum - scrap$0.40 / lb
Aluminum - painted$0.40 / lb


Lead - clean$0.30/ lb
Lead - batteries$0.15 / lb
Compressors$0.08 / lb
Catalytic convertersMust see
Electric Motors$0.18 / lb

All prices are subject to change based on the quality of material, quantity of sale, and prevailing market conditions at the time of sale. All prices noted above should not be considered quotes and used as reference only. Call your friendly scrap handler at 507.374.2439 for all quotes. Hours Mon-Thursday 8-5, Fridays 8-3, and Sundays 8-1.

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